An Immense Impact for the Gospel

by Dr. David Eckman

North America Bible Institute is among one of most important institutions in the world. Why? I will give you two reasons for that. First from John 17 and another from my personal experience.
John 17:1, “After Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven, and he said.” He is being followed by 11 disciples, and they are listening to what he prayed to God the Father. “Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you.” I heard many Chinese words tonight. Let me teach you a Greek word, “Doxazo.” It means “to glorify.” God the Son is turning to God the Father, and he said, “I am going to the cross and please make sure I die beautifully. As I suffer and die, may it show your beauty and love. Glorify your Son that I may glorify you, and show how beautiful you are and how lovely you are.” It is the most wonderful event in the history of the universe and in the history of the Trinity. The God of the Son is dying for all of humanity. There is nothing more beautiful than this truth. The NABI carries that greatest of messages. That is why it is among the great institutions of this world. Because of that, it is worth your while to support NABI and its students.
There is a second reason. I taught at Western Seminary for over 25 years. Among the first students I taught was a brother who then proceeded to take what he learned and share it with others. I met him at a conference about 15-20 years after he graduated. And he said, “I need to let you know this, I took all of your notes in your book, and translated them into simplified Chinese. And I knew it will be all right with you, so I didn’t ask your permission. I and my team have taught ten thousand people in China.” Normally I would think he is exaggerating. However this brother has a Ph. D. in math from UC Berkeley, so I think his number is correct. When the heart is on fire with the Gospel, the impact can be immense. For these two reasons you should support NABI. It is teaching others the greatest message that exists. And second many among their students may have an immense impact for the Gospel! What NABI is doing is marvelous.

北聖神學院是全世界最重要的神學院之一。我再次的重複,北聖是最重要的神學院之一。為什麼? 我將以以下二點來講述:從約翰福音17章與我個人的經歷。
約翰福音 17:1, 耶穌說了這話,就舉目望天說:「父啊,時候到了,願你榮耀你的兒子,使兒子也榮耀你!」我今天聽了很多中文,我現在要教你一個希臘文,Doxazo(榮耀)。神子對父神說,我要上十字架了,讓我死得很美。當我痛苦死亡的時候,顯出你的慈愛與榮美。這是全宇宙最重要的信息,沒有比這更大榮美。神子為全人類而死的真理。阿爸父!北聖神學院教導這信息。所以各位值得支持北聖神學院。
第二原因,我在西方神學院教導超過25年。我第一批教導的一個中國學生,把我教導的翻譯為中文,分享給其他人。在這個學生畢業15-20年後,我在一個會議遇到他。他說,我將你教導的,翻譯為簡體中文。雖然我沒有得到你的許可,我相信你不會介意。我教導上萬的人。我相信他的數字是正確的,因為他是伯克來的數學博士。當一個人心裡充滿福音的火熱時,影響就非常大深遠。 北聖神學院的學生也充滿了福音的火熱。

Dr. David Eckman
Dr. Eckman在西方神學院教導超過25年,同時也是北聖客座教授。 他著作了數十本書包括了「明白為父的心」以及暢行全世界的「成為合神心意」的門訓手冊。

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